Prewetted Wipers – 8 Simple Ways to Energize Cleanroom Cleaning

Sterile SatPax MS WFI pharma wipe

Pre-wetted cleaning wipes offer many benefits instead of spraying chemistry and using dry wipes for contamination removal. Pre-wetted wipes help increase convenience in cleanroom cleaning, reduce airborne VOCs, reduce solvent use and handling, and increase process control and reliability.

Pre-wetted or saturated wipers have established themselves as highly useful and efficient for removing surface contaminants in a wide variety of controlled environments – pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, data storage, and aerospace as examples. This 8 part series will review several considerations when selecting and using pre-wetted wipers.

  1. Prewetted Wipers – Proven to Be Convenient and Consistent
  2. Unlocking The Best Pre-Wetted Wiper – Part 1
  3. Unlocking The Best Pre-Wetted Wiper – Part 2
  4. Powerful Wetting Solutions – The Soaring Popularity Of IPA
  5. Important Wiping Techniques for Really Effective Cleaning
  6. Unlock the Most from Your Pre-Wetted Wiper Packaging
  7. Sterile Pre-Wetted Wipers: What You Need to Know for Your Cleanroom
  8. Useful Methods for Positive Results in Cleanroom Cleaning Verification


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