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Can I Use a Cotton Swab in a Cleanroom?

no cotton swabs

Faced with the problem of removing small bits of contamination in the cleanroom, you would probably have to invent the swab if it didn’t already exist.  You would soon find that this little “wiper on a stick” would also prove invaluable in cleaning delicate mechanisms, in precision surface cleaning and in removing residues in hard-to-reach [Read More…]

Auditing Conformance to Standard Operating Procedures


CLEANROOM SOPs cover everything from gowning and hygiene to allowable materials and maintenance. An audit can ensure conformance to those standards. Conformance Auditing Basics This Technical Brief presents an overview of: Standard operating procedures (SOPs). SOP auditing benefits and limitations. Preparation and execution of a conformance audit. Cleanroom maintenance. Proper wiping techniques. Get briefed on all [Read More…]