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Are the Wiper Clips on the Ergonomic Cleanroom Flat Mop System Autoclavable?


The yellow wiper clips are not autoclavable, but since they are detachable, simply remove them before autoclaving. All other components of the Ergonomic “V Mop” system are autoclavable.  The V shape allows it to slip smoothly into the pouches of the mop covers reducing bending and decreasing injury.  

What is the Best Gamma Irradiated Cleanroom Mop?

What Is The Best Gamma Irradiated Cleanroom Mop?

Q: What is the best gamma irradiated cleanroom mop? A: BCR® Mop Head 4 is laundered and packaged in Berkshire’s ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanroom.  It is made of 100% knitted polyester. The mop head features a tubular knit construction with fan-tailed looped ends which minimizes particle and fiber generation. A Certificate of Irradiation for traceability is [Read More…]

Particles on Surfaces: Part 5 – Cleaning Floors and Walls


In a cleanroom, cleaning floors and walls is like cleaning other surfaces, only more so – larger surface areas and corresponding larger wiping cloths. Let’s start with floors. The same principles apply to wiping floors as described previously in Particles on Surfaces Part 4 – use linear wiping strokes and wipe from clean to dirty. To achieve [Read More…]