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What is the Best Low TOC Cleanroom Swab?


Q: What is the best low TOC cleanroom swab? A: Berkshire’s Large Knitted Polyester TOC swab, SKU LTP125TOC.25, has a QC lot certified with ultra-low TOC levels  (<50ppb). Certificates of Conformance by lot number are available 24/7 on Berkshire.com.

What Are Validated Sterile Wipers?

TO BE USED in a sterile environment, production consumables, like wipers, must conform to high standards and be documented as validated sterile. Meeting Manufacturing & Documentation Standards This Technical Brief presents an overview of: The concept of sterility. Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). Validated procedures for sterile manufacturing. ANSI / AAMI / ISO standards for sterility. Sterility [Read More…]