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Is Hydrogen Poised to Replace Fossil Fuels?

Fuel Signs

These days, when we think about the advances in transportation technology in the automobile or aerospace industries, we tend to think of the reality of semi-autonomous cars or the potential of our drive to get to Mars. The images we conjure are romantic – intrepid explorers facing the desolation of an unknown planet, starting afresh [Read More…]

Is There a Blue Cleanroom Wipe?

blusorb -blue wipe

Q: Is there a blue cleanroom wipe?   A: Berkshire BluSorb® 750 is a 55% cellulose/45% polyester hydroentangled nonwoven blue cleanroom wipe. It is an excellent choice for a work surface mat as its blue color provides the background differentiation necessary for visual inspection applications. It has low extractable levels and particle counts. BluSorb® 750 is chemically compatible with [Read More…]

Honey, I Printed A Car

3d printer, Printing car

As each holiday season rolls around, the landscape of the bookstore changes. And this year, alongside the newest Lee Child or John Grisham blockbuster, a crop of titles has sprung up like weeds on a vacant lot in perhaps one of the more niche areas of the book publishing world: business intelligence. Writings on harnessing [Read More…]

How Will Concept Cars Get Us to Mars?

Mars, The Schiaparelli Hemisphere

We are unashamedly geeks here at Berkshire Corp. We love technology, revel in innovation, and eat-drink-breathe science. We embrace our nerdy sides, and promote our dorkiness. Why? Because we believe in blue-sky projects, wild and crazy ideas that contribute to our society, shape our future, and make life just that little bit easier, more rewarding, [Read More…]

Optical Shifts – Could Holographic Technology be Leveraged within a Cleanroom Environment?

holographic interface

In recent months we’ve written a lot about cars and automotive technology. From Tesla’s self-driving autos to Google’s investment in flying cars, we’ve delved into the intersection between technological advancement and cleanroom use to highlight the innovative ways in which the industry is incorporating our contamination control products and methodologies into their technologies. And it’s clear we [Read More…]

What is the Most Absorbent Cleanroom Wipe?


What is the most absorbent cleanroom wipe? The most absorbent cleanroom wiper is MicroSeal SuperSorb, it is a 2-ply cleanroom wipe constructed of 100% continuous filament polyester knit diamond pattern, making it the most absorbent polyester wiper available.

Flying High – The Role of the Cleanroom in the Development of Flying Cars

Flying car

A few months ago, we came across a promotion for an animal shelter in which adorably adoptable dogs were air-lifted to potential families using state-of-the-art drones. Readied in a NASA-style flight suit, each pooch was custom delivered to a suburban back yard, frolicking with delighted children in the lush green grass under the contented gaze [Read More…]

What is the Cuff Color of the Bgl2.200br BCR® Polyester Half Finger Glove Liners?

Q: What is the cuff color of the BGL2.200BR BCR® Polyester Half Finger Glove Liners? A: The cuff color is white. Here are all our cuff colors.   BCR® Polyester Glove Liners SKU Cuff Color  BGL2.20R  White  BGL2.200BR  White  BGL2.20L  Blue  BGL3.20L  Blue  BGL3.20R  White   BCR® Single Knit Nylon Glove Liners SKU Cuff Color  BGL6.200SB  Red [Read More…]

What is the Difference Between Open and Closed Cell Swabs?


Cleanroom Swabs 101 – Closed Cell Vs. Open Cell Polyurethane Foam Sock Tip Swabs 1.  How are sock tip polyurethane foam swabs constructed? Sock tips are made by sandwiching the swab handle between multiple layers of thermoplastic head material. The head material is completely sealed and bonded to the handle with heat and pressure. No contaminating adhesives, silicone, amides, and [Read More…]

Q & A – Swab/Solvent Compatibility

Swab/Solvent Compatibility Chart

Q: Can I use a foam tipped swab with Toluene? Can I use a polyester tipped swab with methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)? What about xylene? A: Click here to download Berkshire’s handy Swab/Solvent Compatibility Chart. This one page guide will show you what swab head substrate is compatible with most common manufacturing solvents.   Download the chart