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Prewetted Wipers – Proven to Be Convenient and Consistent


We’ve seen the introduction of wipes as one of many solutions to combat the COVID-19 virus. At the outset of the pandemic, everyone was encouraged to wipe down all touchable hard surfaces – food containers, doorknobs, tabletops, counters, packages, etc. Wipes pre-wetted with antiviral solutions of bleach, alcohol, or quaternary ammonium salts are the most [Read More…]

How To Keep A Cleanroom Clean

Cleanroom Cleaning

You carefully wash your hands, get dressed in head-to-toe sterilized garments, and then cautiously enter the cleanroom. Despite your best efforts, the simple fact that you are human means your presence contaminates the cleanroom. It may seem redundant, but just like you still need to scrub the cleanest parts of your home, such as the [Read More…]

The Science of Cleanroom Wiper Usage

Wrong way to wipe

Our cleanrooms, laboratories, and other controlled environments routinely offer a broad range of cleaning, disinfecting, and decontaminating equipment such as mops and mats, and consumables, including sprays, swabs, and the ever-popular wipers. But the availability of such tools is, in itself, not sufficient to ensure sterility and hygiene. The missing component? An understanding of best [Read More…]

Are the EZ Bleach™ Disinfectant Tablets fabric safe?

Man in protective suit disinfecting the Hotel room.

Berkshire received the following inquiry on our website:  “Hello, I am wondering if the EZ Bleach™ Disinfectant Tablets are fabric safe? I am going to be using it in an electrostatic sprayer and I want to make sure that the overspray isn’t going to bleach any fabrics that it may come in contact with.” Answer: [Read More…]

What is the ppm for 1 tablet in a spray bottle mixed with 1 liter of water?

1ml dilution guide

Q: Berkshire received the following metric inquiry regarding EZ BleachTM Disinfectant Tablets: What is the ppm for 1 tablet in a spray bottle mixed with 1 liter of water? A: The answer is 958 ppm. Please refer to side 2 of the product information sheet where Berkshire lists the Dilution Guide for a 1000mL (1L) [Read More…]

Can you use the EZ Bleach ™ Disinfectant Tablets with electrostatic sprayers and foggers?


Question: Can you use the EZ Bleach™ Disinfectant Tablets with electrostatic sprayers and foggers? Answer:  End users should always follow the equipment manuals for compatible chemistries.  In general there is no known compatibility issue between EZ Bleach™ and the sprayers/foggers.

How Many Passes With a Cleanroom Wipe Will Get a Surface Clean and Sterile?

Cleanroom Wiping How Many Passes

Answer: Berkshire cannot provide specific recommendations regarding how many swipes/passes of a wiper on a surface will make the surface clean or free of microorganisms.The main reason for this is each situation where wipers are used is different and has many variables, each of which will have an impact on the outcome of any cleaning. [Read More…]

How To Clean a Biological Safety Cabinet

How To Clean a Biological Safety Cabinet

Do your operators use IPA and Deionized Water on their gloves prior to cleaning a biological safety cabinet? Are they cleaning top to bottom, left to right, cleanest to dirtiest? There are specific steps involved with cleaning a biological safety cabinet. Watch the video for cleaning techniques that can supplement your current SOPs and assist [Read More…]