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Current EU GMP Annex 1 Update: What Does It Mean for Your Socks?

Have you been keeping track of the recent developments in cleanroom apparel requirements? Have you already begun incorporating the updated EU GMP Annex 1 chapter regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) into your Contaminations Control Strategy (CCS)? If not, please read on and learn about the impact of the new specifications regarding PPE for cleanroom personnel, [Read More…]

What Are the Benefits of a Wiper Dispenser Box?


The new line extension to Berkshire’s Pro-Wipe® family of industrial wipers offers specifically sized 9 x 14”, c-folded wipes delivered in a dispenser box made of premium grade SBS. Benefits: Easy to open and close with a perforated top, the operator can control the size of the opening depending on their preference The dispenser box [Read More…]