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Disinfection of Cleanroom Surfaces With Bleach


A previous article in this series discussed disinfection of surfaces with hydrogen peroxide.  We turn our attention now to bleach as another very effective treatment agent. Most people understand that ordinary household bleach – a 5.5% solution of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) in water – is a strong disinfecting agent.  In neutral or slightly acidic solutions the active [Read More…]

How and When to Use Bleach in Cleanroom Cleaning


HOUSEHOLD BLEACH is well known for its ability to remove stains and whiten clothes during laundering. Bleach also finds application in health care facilities with cleanrooms. Such applications include aseptic pharmaceutical suites, biomedical device manufacturing and compounding pharmaceutical facilities that require the biocidal and sterilant capabilities of bleach. Bleach solutions, which are active against bacteria, viruses, [Read More…]