Berkshire is the industry leader in producing the lowest linting and highest performing wipes for the world’s most critical cleanrooms, labs, and other controlled environments. We offer an outstanding lineup of pre-saturated wipes for sanitizing and disinfecting a wide range of cleanroom surfaces. Presaturated clean room wipes have applications across many industries including healthcare, aerospace, pharmaceutical manufacturing, microelectronics, life sciences, medical device, food processing, and more.

It’s no secret that presaturated wipes have many added benefits such as ease of use, less mixing of chemicals, reduced VOC’s, and overall efficiency gain for cleanroom operators. Don’t settle for just any company claiming to have pre-saturated cleanroom wipes as many pre-saturated formats especially with strong oxidizing solutions can create efficacy issues. Our commitment to quality, traceability and providing our customers with the right products for the world’s most critical environments is paramount to us. After all, the cost of contamination in a product or process can be staggering. At Berkshire we believe that the smallest measure can make the biggest difference.

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