Update: Kicking Back with Kratom – and Salmonella?

Leaf with pills

When Berkshire wrote Kicking Back with Kratom and Salmonella our main focus was clearly salmonella poisoning.

“As of March 18, 2018, more than fifty cases of salmonella have been identified  by the CDC across 27 states with patients ranging in age from 67 down to just 6 years old. Sixty percent of the affected were male and forty-five percent of patients were hospitalized.”

After reading an April 3, 2019 update from the FDA, perhaps a better name for the article would be Kicking Back with Kratom and Heavy Metals. The FDA tested 30 different kratom products and found they contained high levels of lead and nickel.  The concentrations exceed safe exposure for daily oral intake. What does this mean for long-term kratom users?

The FDA is correct when it states that food and dietary supplement manufacturers need to pay close attention to their raw materials testing and supplier verification and validation. Berkshire would also add the adoption of cGMP, HACCP and 3rd party testing.

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