Powder Coating: Surface Preparation Solutions


The Customer

An aluminum wheel manufacturer is currently using Choice® SuperSorb 12×12″ (30x30cm) disposable wipes for their powder coating applications.

The Applications

Oil, aluminum oxide and other contaminants in the pre-treatment (surface preparation) process can adversely affect the quality of the final product. Wiping down the bare metal after cleaning and prior to coating will ensure less defects and better adhesion. Chemical cleaners are applied with a wipe prior to coating and are also used to wipe down the rims after they have left the drying oven.

The Wiper Solution

Choice® SuperSorb is a 2-ply, ultrasonically sealed edge, cleanroom laundered 100% knitted polyester wiper. Because of the 2-ply pinsonic construction with the unique diamond pattern, this wipe is highly absorbent with high abrasion resistance for rough surfaces. The design adds surface texture that aids in stubborn residue removal without scratching. The sealed edges ensure ctitically low fiber and lint release. Choice® SuperSorb is chemically compatible with most solvents including acetone.


Some standard operating procedures call for repeated wiping with a “white cloth” or “white rag” to tell if the parts are clean. These cloths/rags are usually made from recycled, re-laundered, used white cotton t-shirts. The used t-shirts are cut into a usable wiping size leaving the edges unsealed, causing shedding of fiber and lint onto your part.


Did You Know?

There is much to learn about the cleaning and maintenance of controlled environments. Berkshire’s team of highly trained representatives can help you understand the best practices and products for your application.

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