What is the Shelf Life of a Berkshire Sterile Cleanroom Wiper?

A three-year shelf life has been identified for both Berkshire’s dry and presaturated sterile wipers. The expiration date is located on each pack and case label and also on the Certificate of Sterility. A Certificate of Sterility is placed in a separate shipping label pouch which is attached to the outside of every carton of sterile product.

Certificates of Sterility can also be downloaded by product and lot number from our website, 24/7. The PDF download is seamless and quick, no additional email forms need to be submitted. Each Certificate has the lot number for traceability, the date of manufacture, the expiration date, the minimum and maximum specified dose, and the minimum and maximum delivered dose expressed in kGY, Cobalt 60 gamma radiation.

Even with a known shelf life it is highly recommended that before use, the primary packaging is inspected to ensure there are no holes or scratches in the package material and that the seals are intact or other damage that would compromise the sterility of the cleanroom wipes.

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