High-Tech Hemp – How Is This Humble Seed Moving Beyond its Hippie Heritage?

hemp milk and seeds

Do you remember when we broached the subject of cockroach milk? That article garnered quite a lot of interest, creating a buzz around this ‘alternative’ beverage and the question of sustainable farming. Recently, we double-checked the shelves of our local grocery store to be sure that this substance wasn’t already available (it wasn’t – phew!) and lost ourselves in the sheer range of non-dairy milks available, even without harvesting crystals from cockroaches. Yes, there were the usual standbys of soy, almond, and rice, but we also noticed macadamia nut, cashew milk, and hemp milk.

Wait? Hemp milk? Is that even legal? And the short answer is yes. Hemp is legal. Sort of. Let’s look a little closer… Click here to read over on Food-contact-surfaces.com

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