Cleanroom Paper vs. Standard Copy Paper

cleanroom paper BCR bond


BCR® Bond 850

100% wood pulp, synthetic latex binder

Helmke Drum (particles/ft3) : 68

Na+ : 100ppm

K+ : 1.7ppm

Ca++ : 0.56ppm

Mg++ : 0.13ppm

Cl : 44ppm

Standard Copy Paper

100 % wood pulp

Helmke Drum (particles/ ft3) : 7200

Na+ : 1500ppm

K+ : 12ppm

Ca++ : 180ppm

Mg++ : 61ppm

Cl : 2000ppm


68ppm Vs. 7200ppm!

IEST – RP – CC003.4 “The Helmke Drum test method is used to quantify particles dislodged from garments through the application of mechanical energy under dry conditions as a means of simulating particle shedding from the surface of the garment during use.”

Berkshire also uses the Helmke Drum method to quantify the number of particles that could potentially be emitted from BCR® cleanroom paper versus standard copy paper. We place sheets of paper in the rotating drum and particles generated by the tumbling paper are counted by an air-borne particle counter.

Na+ 100ppm Vs 1500ppm!


BCR® Cleanroom paper vs. standard copy paper? Discover the difference.

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