Cleanroom Socks vs Regular Socks

Cleanroom vs Avg socks

BCR® Cleanroom Socks

96% nylon and 4% lycra microdenier technology

Shoe Size: 5 – 11

Test method: Helmke Drum

Particles ≥ 0.5µm

Average Results: 22/Sock

Average off the shelf socks

66% cotton/33% polyester/2% spandex

Shoe size: 5 – 11

Test method: Helmke Drum

Particles ≥ 0.5µm

Average Results: 44,000/Sock

Cleanroom Socks: 22 Particles/Sock

Off-The-Shelf Socks: 44,000 Particles/Sock


BCR® Cleanroom Socks provide the operator a superior cool and soft feeling for extended wear. Because of the enhanced wicking function, contact discomfort associated with wearing regular cotton or polyester socks is greatly diminished. The odor caused by foot perspiration is reduced as well as sock degradation over extended wear due to oils and sweat.

  • machine wash cold
  • no bleach
  • tumble dry low
  • autoclavable

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