Are the BCR® CLEANROOM Flat Mop Small Frames With Plastic Eyes Autoclavable?



Yes with pre-autoclave instructions.


Remove the black plastic eyes from the BCR.MOP3.1 AND BCR.MOP3.10 small mop head frames prior to autoclaving as the eyes are not autoclavable. The mop frame is made of high quality anodized aluminum and is autoclavable.


The detachable black plastic eyes can be sterilized with a liquid sterilant (bleach, Sporklenz, etc.) and reattached to the autoclaved mop head frame. Replacement eyes are also available (BCRCLIP10).


Autoclaving Guidelines

  • Autoclave mop head frame at 121°C for 30 minutes at 1 atmosphere.



This recommendation covers what the mop components can withstand and does not ensure sterility is achieved. It is the responsibility of the end user to validate the autoclave cycle to ensure the required results can be consistently achieved (considering all parameters, including but not limited to load size and load position).


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