Cleanroom wipes are low-lint cloths typically found in controlled environments or clean room to wipe away surface contamination and spills. It is the most common and effective tool for removing contaminants, liquids, and residual material from any hard surface. Wipers are an integral part of the six cleaning stages that helps an operator focus on effective surface cleaning by removing debris, applying chemicals, rinsing to remove residue, and properly drying the surface. The use of task-specific wipers is essential to ensure the surface is adequately prepared, clean, and ready for use. Using the correct wipes when cleaning is vital to avoid further issues or cross-contamination.

As a wipe manufacturer, we offer a variety of high-quality, lint-free* wipers that are safe for use in cleanrooms ranging from Class 10 to Class 100,000. Whether you need laundered polyester wipes, microfiber wipes, nonwoven cleanroom wipers, ESD cleanroom wipes, or sterile wipes, we can help you not only choose the right product, but we can build one specific to your application that complies with your particular protocols, regardless of your industry.

Cleanroom Wipe Products

Cleanroom cleaning wipes differ from industrial cleaning cloths because they are designed to shed or release minimal lint or particles. These cleaning wipes are scientifically measured and evaluated for fibers, particles, and metal ions. The most common cleanroom wipes are nonwoven and are usually made with a cellulose component. They are often considered low-lint vs. lint-free. Pre-laundered polyester wipes with sealed edges are the cleanest wiper option available. They are washed in purified filtered water before being dried and packaged in a cleanroom to ensure that any loose particles or fibers are removed from the wipe. Sterile lint-free wipes are typically gamma-irradiated to eliminate organisms so you can safely use them in an aseptic clean room.

Why use cleanroom wipes from Berkshire?

As a trusted source for over 55 years, we manufacture a wide variety of lint-free cleanroom wipers. We offer more styles and sizes of lint-free, nonwoven, microfiber, polyester, presaturated, and sterile wipes, including custom sizes and configurations, than any other brand. We offer cleanroom wipes in unlimited sizes, materials, cleanliness levels, packaging options, and prices to meet your cleanroom supplies needs

Work with our cleanroom consultants to select the best wiper options for your critical environment. They can assist you with choosing the proper clean wipe for your application. For immediate service, we are available online to discuss your specific needs, find more information, or request samples of our cleanroom wipes.

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