Endotoxins pose a substantial risk to regulated industries. If not properly addressed within your cleaning protocols and environmental monitoring, the outcomes can be disastrous. While many cleaning procedures focus on kill rate and eradicating harmful living microorganisms with antibacterial reagents such as phenolic, quaternary ammonium solutions, radiation, and other forms of sterilization; there is a hidden menace still lurking on the surface that you cannot see. Enter pyrogens, fever inducing endotoxins left behind from dead gram-negative bacteria. While disinfectants excel at rendering the bacteria as non-viable, the byproducts that they shed, can be deadly.

Our new line of Low Endotoxin wipes are lot-to-lot tested to ensure they meet or exceed the requirements set by USP & FDA standards based on the maximum allowable thresholds for endotoxins across key regulated industries. When used with antibacterial agents, our wipes excel at entrapping the dead bacteria from the surface when the proper wiping techniques are used. In addition, we recommend using WFI (water for injection) in conjunction with a low endotoxin wipe for effective removal of disinfectant solutions and endotoxins after surface disinfection has taken place to ensure you have neutralized the threat of endotoxins in your environment.

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