Validated Sterile Wipes that meet the rigorous requirements of aseptic environments where contamination can lead to disastrous outcomes. Our Gamma Wipes have applications across many regulated industries and are a popular choice for sterile compounding pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturing, USP <797> clean rooms, hospital & healthcare, and medical device facilities that require validated sterile wipes. If your application calls for a lint free wipe without the presence of endotoxins and other pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms, then discover the Berkshire difference today. Sterile wipes are also known as aseptic wipes, pharma wipes, compounding wipes, gamma irradiated wipes, and USP compliant wipes depending on the industry and application. It’s no secret that using the incorrect or sub-standard wipes will contribute to contamination which is a risky proposition. We can help mitigate the risk of contamination in your facility that will lead to favorable outcomes to all. Speak with one of our aseptic environment specialists today!

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