Hydrogen peroxide is a highly effective cleanroom disinfectant & sanitizer that has been used for decades within cleanrooms and controlled environments. H202 is a popular solution across many regulated industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, biomedical device, microelectronics, and other key industries. Incorporating hydrogen peroxide into your cleanroom cleaning regiment offers a number of benefits including no VOC’s or residues. Compared to water (H2O), hydrogen peroxide is endowed with an extra oxygen molecule that provides it with a strong oxidizing agent responsible for destroying bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

We offer 3% and 6% solutions of hydrogen peroxide wipes for cleaning and sanitizing a wide array of cleanroom surfaces. The 3% solution is highly effective against vegetative bacteria and the 6% is a stronger solution which has some additional sporicidal properties. Many cleanroom operators know the convenience of pre-saturated cleanroom disinfectant wipes. However, in a pre-wetted form the wiper substrate itself can accelerate the decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide within the package. This effectively lowers the concentration of hydrogen peroxide applied to the surface, possibly compromising the disinfecting capability especially over a product’s shelf life.

Our new line of DuoClean™ Hydrogen Peroxide Cleanroom Wipes provide the answer for regulated industries looking for the convenience of a pre-saturated disinfectant wipe without the risk of efficacy issues related to oxidizing chemistries in presaturated formats. Finally, convenience, traceability and efficacy have been combined with burstable pouch wet-to-dry technology focused on the operator, designed for session use and scalability Meet DuoClean™, a new way to wipe.

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