Sodium Hypochlorite commonly known as “bleach” is a well-regarded cleanroom disinfectant across key regulated industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical manufacturing, compounding pharmacies, and the medical device industry. The active ingredients in bleach are particularly effective at eliminating spores and other pathogenic organisms. Although bleach excels at killing bugs and other microorganisms, it has traditionally been difficult to stabilize in presaturated formats. The main concerns are regarding a product’s shelf life which can often lead to efficacy issues that result in decomposition of the wiper substrate, fiber shed, particle generation, and disinfectant binding. Want to learn more about disinfecting cleanroom surfaces with bleach? Check out our article in the Berkshire Learning Center.

Our new line of DuoClean™ Sodium Hypochlorite Cleanroom Wipes solves the problem that has been challenging the regulated industries. Finally convenience and efficacy have been combined with a burstable pouch wet-to-dry technology focused on the operator, designed for session use, and scalability. Meet Duoclean™, the future of presurated wipes.

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