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Between case cleaning is an essential part of minimizing infection rates in healthcare facilities, hospitals, and operating rooms where positive outcomes of your patients and staff can make the biggest difference. Therefore, having the correct cleaning protocols, PPE, and quality infection prevention products is of paramount importance. We understand the daily grind and the unique challenges for hospital cleaning services, EVS (environmental services), and OR techs to get it done while adhering to the proper hospital cleaning standards to prevent direct and indirect transmission of nasty bugs like C diff (clostridium difficile), MRSA, tuberculosis, staphylococcus aureus (staph), and other pathogens.

Our Full line of disposable hospital wipes & mopping systems are designed with ergonomics in mind to tackle some of the toughest cleaning tasks without overwhelming central laundry services. We offer several varieties of pre-saturated medical alcohol wipes for disinfecting a wide range of surfaces. In addition, our dry medical & hospital wipes are available in a number of sizes and substrates such as non-woven, knitted, and microfiber. Our Sterile medical wipes excel at cleaning sterile rooms, sterile processing areas, and our disposable microfiber wipes can improve the cleaning efficacy of many popular disinfectants and are excellent for cleaning sensitive components such as diagnostic screens and other sensitive instruments.

Industry Environments & Applications
Critical Cleaning Tasks
Health Care Facilities including Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, Urgent Care Centers, Skilled Nursing Facilitates
Procedure Rooms, Operating Rooms, Surgical Suites
Critical Hospital Areas such as Endoscopy, Oncology
Interventional Radiology, Microbiology
Infusion Centers
Dialysis Centers
Diagnostic & Cath Labs
Cancer Hospitals & Chemotherapy Centers
Surgery Centers including Outpatient & Clinics
Emergency Rooms, Ambulances, and EMS

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