Fiber Optic Cleaning Wipes & Swabs For Optical Networks

Keeping fiber optic networks free and clear of dust, dirt, and other contaminates is critical to minimizing the risk of costly downtime of optical and telecommunications networks. Properly cleaning fiber optic cables and connectors is of critical importance and can help you accurately troubleshoot issues in your optical network. Don’t waste time & money replacing patch cords and cable runs when often a thorough cleaning can remedy transmission signal issues caused by particle contamination. Our full-line of fiber optic cleaning supplies are designed to meet and exceed your requirements when it comes to providing the lowest linting solutions in the market today while keeping your costs low. Discover the Berkshire difference today! Because the smallest measure can make the biggest difference.

Recommended Fiber Optic Cleaning Products

Quaternary Disinfectant

VersaQuat™ (Case)



VersaHOCI™ (Case)

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