Looking for Lint Free Paper Towels? You are not alone in your pursuit. As industry becomes cleaner there has been a strong push for manufacturers to move towards a cleaner alternative to paper towels.

Are you seeing pressure from company-wide or regulatory sources to find lint free products? Then our polyester/cellulose non-woven wipes can help you step up your game and maintain total cost of ownership. Contamination issues associated with using a traditional paper towel for industrial applications is one of the leading causes of wipe based contamination, which is a hidden cost that you don’t always see until it’s too late. If you are searching for lint free paper towels then chances are, you are seeing the light, so get it right with our full line of non-woven wipes built for the toughest and most delicate tasks under the sun. Reach out to us today, we offer free samples and expert advice every step of the way.

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“Lint-Free” Wipes: Available Only Through Your Fairy Godmother

Web searches for “Lint Free Wipes” provide some interesting information.  A Google search returns 82,300 hits. A search of “lint-free” on the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) [Read More...]