Is Berkshire’s BCR® Cleanroom Bond Suitable for Archiving Records for Many Years?

Q: Is Berkshire’s BCR® Cleanroom Bond suitable for archiving records for many years?

A: Berkshire BCR® Bond is an excellent substrate for printing forms and protocols that require lengthy archiving. This is especially important in the regulated industries where records are commonly kept for long periods of time. Accelerated aging studies have been performed on the bond in accordance with BS 6388-1:1991, ISO 5630-1:1991. Bond was exposed to 105º Celsius for 72 hours as an artificial aging process. This artificial aging is equivalent to approximately 25 years. Product was tested for tensile strength and burst test before and after the aging process. The data supports that there is virtually no degradation of the bond paper when exposed to the equivalent of 25 years of aging and will be able to be maintained as viable records.

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