The Berkshire Green Scope program encompasses Berkshire’s commitment to creating solutions in operations and product design that will positively impact the environment and increase the quality of life globally. At Berkshire, we set tough goals to stretch ourselves. In doing so, we aim to be the cleanest and greenest contamination control manufacturing company at the forefront of environment responsibility within our industry.

EcoClean® 100% Cotton Non-Woven Cleanroom Wipers

Berkshire continues its effort to reduce the environmental impact of cleanroom wipers with the introduction of EcoClean® 100% cotton non-woven cleanroom wipers. In March 2009, EcoClean® 35 and EcoClean® 60 were introduced to the market. Both wipers are 100% biodegradable and made from renewable/sustainable cotton. These attributes combined with higher absorbency per unit weigh than leading polyester/cellulose blended wipers = fewer wipers used with less depletion of natural resources, reduced lbs. to waste disposal, and reduced impact when disposed of in landfills.

Ecoclean Biodegradable Wipes


Berkshire introduced the Labx®️ line of products in 1979 to meet specialized cleanroom applications. In addition to meeting exacting cleanroom requirements, the Labx®️ line of products is composed of tissue grade cellulose and is 100% biodegradable reducing the environmental impact post use by the customer.

Eco Friendly Wipes Labx

Twillx®️ Cotton Wipers

Berkshire introduced the Twillx®️ cotton wipers in 1982 to provide the characteristics required by the cleanroom industry. In addition to meeting these characteristics, Twillx®️ wipers are made from 100% natural cotton fibers and are bio-degradable reducing the environmental impact post use by the customer.

Natural Cotton Wipes


Most standard cleanroom bond paper utilizes natural rubber latex to reduce particle and fiber generation in use not allowing the product to be recycled. As part of our environmental vision, Berkshire developed a 100% bio-degradable and recyclable bond, EcoBond®, in 2007 to eliminate the landfill waste associated with conventional cleanroom bond paper.

Low VOC Pre-wetted Wipers

In order to meet the increasing environmental, health and safety issues concerning Volatile Organic Compound emissions, Berkshire developed a line of SatPax®️ pre-wetted products in 1996 that accomplish the following:

  • Significantly reduce VOC emissions compared to pre-wetted wipers with IPA in house or using spray squirt bottles to apply IPA to surfaces in conjunction with dry wipers.
  • Improve control over cleaning protocols with consistent saturation of wipers, avoiding over and under saturation.
  • Reduce IPA usage quantities.
    Reduce storage and handling requirements.
  • Reduce solvent preparation steps and costs.
  • Reduce safety concerns by eliminating squirt bottles and the uncontrolled use of flammable liquids.
Low VOC Wipes SatPax

Light Weight, High Performance Wipers (MSVP, VSHA)

As part of Berkshire’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our products, Berkshire has developed several light weight, high performance wiper products that have been designed to meet the rigid requirements of the customer, reduce the costs associated with disposal and reduce the landfill waste pounds impact by approximately 10%. For a customer purchasing 1,000 cases of wipers per year, this approximates to 2,400 lbs less landfill waste per year compared to heavier, standard weight products. As part of this initiative, Berkshire also developed a waste pounds reduction model as tool to help our customer’s determine the waste pounds impact when comparing alternative wiper products.

Lightweight Cleanroom Wipes

Raw Materials Delivery Systems

As we continually look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, Berkshire has partnered with local raw material suppliers to deliver the raw materials in reusable containers, such as, corrugated unibins and steel racks. These reusable delivery systems are cycled back and forth between Berkshire and the supplier eliminating the need for materials that would otherwise require energy and virgin materials to be produced and require landfilling or recycling post use.

Berkshire Eco Friendly Wipes

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